The Surroundings Paola’s advice

If you want to live the beauty of Monferrato you voluntary need ‘to get lost’ along the paths up and down the hills. It means to stop in some characteristic village and let yourself be enchanted by the lanes, the typical baroque churches, the kindness of its inhabitants. It means to enter a typical ‘trattoria’ and taste the traditional Piedmontese kitchen without running the risk of making mistakes because here you can always eat well, not only the famous truffle! And you can drink even better: Barbera, Grignolino, Freisa at the top... and you can even find the sweet Moscato produced by the peasants.


We also organize planned visits at the best producers of Monferrato; during these visits you can learn a lot about the different types of vineyards, the methods of producing wine and the methods of bottling. Cheers!

If it is a fine day a good walk among the vineyards and woods  is an emotional experience or you can have an excursion with a mountainbike to get to wonderful parishes.


Not to forget Casale Monferrato! With its gorgeous seventeenth-century buildings, its Romanesque Dome and its baroque Synagogue with a museum about the history of the local Jewish community. On the second Sunday of each month there is the antique market, on the third one the market of the biological products and the many fairs about wine. This small beautiful town always deserves a visit.

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